About Us

Let Our Content Light the Way . . . So That Your Customers Can Follow

Our adventure in writing began way back in the year 1975, way before there was an Internet, or even a personal computer for that matter. Fresh out of high school, where we had already taken all the lit and composition classes they offered (including Advanced Placement coursework), we hit the college campus, where we immersed ourselves in the intellectual challenges of term papers, themes, scientific and technical reports and journaling.

Along the way we did a stint holding several positions in the newspaper field, learning the trade of layout, ad design, press release rewrites, editing as well as in-house ad sales.

In the corporate world we were employed by a Fortune-500 corporation where we did financial reporting as well as training (including the preparation of computer-based and multi-media training modules). Every day, sharpening our writer's instincts, every day meeting the demands of managers, customers and fellow-employees. That was our world.

Then a roadblock loomed large on our horizon  . . . personal issues made it impossible to continue the daily work commute to the big bad city.

What to do? Ebay for a while, a little of this, a little of that . . . Then the light bulb lit up: why not turn to the first passion, the foundation of it all? Writing.

A lone-soul freelancer at first . . . but by 2007 Potomac Writing Service was a reality.

So, what has 30+ years taught us?

  1. Well, for one thing we have learned that we can write anything. Because we have done so.
  2. The necessity to be both flexible and friendly, because customers are human beings with their own dignity that has to be respected, not just because they, ultimately, pay the bills (which they do).
  3. The knowledge that only an achingly-strong work ethic will carry you on to success.
  4. The realization that you need to develop a strong track record with your clients: we climb the ladder of success, but they own the ladder.
  5. The conviction that relationships matter.

Now for the big question: Can we help you with your next writing project?


No, it's not a lack of confidence that makes us say that. It's experience in the field: Clients vary in their budget, objectives and expectations.

If you are looking for someone willing to spit out PLR crap on an assembly-line, please let us direct you to other sources.

If you are willing to make use of the services of a professional, who will be there for you for the long-haul (remember, relationships matter), who will not be satisfied until you are satisfied, then we should talk.

If it won't be a good fit, we'll tell you.     Honest.

But if you have read this far, we're willing to bet that you are the kind of client we are looking for. That we are longing to hook up with. That we will go all-out for.

Click the link to our contact form (in the sidebar to the right) and give us the info. You know you'll hear back from us in short order.

Don't settle for less than what we can give you.