From A Long-Time Customer... 

I have been using the services of Potomac Writing Service for both personal and business needs for the past several years.

I can state unequivocally, that the quality and professionalism of PWS is second to none.

Even though the quality is top-notch what is even more impressive is the level of support they provide.

With many companies, support is great, for the first 5 days of using them, then after that time that support starts to falter. The support provided by PWS was excellent on day one and has only gotten better as the years have gone by.

This service is highly recommended.

Simon Harris, (Online Marketer)

 "My Go-To Team For Press Releases"

I have been a customer of Potomac Writing Service for about 15 months now - they are my "go-to" team for ALL press releases that I require for my multiple online businesses. Their writing is by far the best that I've seen (especially for the price) which has resulted in my sites/businesses receiving a lot of extra attention and more importantly, extra leads and income. With press releases especially, you need flair and creativity in your writing (as it's not like normal article writing) and these guys produce results.

They are highly responsive and always return the work fast (usually within just a few business days).

I thoroughly recommend their services.

Alex Miller www.alexmiller.com